How To Unlock The Nessus Obelisk In Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The Nessus Obelisk has appeared in Destiny 2, so in this guide, we will show you how to unlock it. The first step is to visit Osiris at the Sundial on Mercury. Talk to him, and he should give you the option to grab two new quests. Nessus: Obelisk Attunement is what you need to begin unlocking the Nessus Obelisk.

Step 1 – Nessus: Recovery Operation

You need to gather fifty Undamaged Vex Parts for the first step. You must destroy Vex enemies to acquire them. Head over to the Artifact’s Edge on Nessus, drop down to the ground from the spawn point, and head into the Lost Sector on the left. Vex are everywhere in this Lost Sector, and you will have all fifty pieces before you open the cache at the end. Return to the Obelisk when you have all 50 parts, which is right next to the Exodus Black spawn point.

Step 2 – Nessus: Light Collection

For this step, you need to collect Light until the progress bar has reached 100 percent. To do this, you need to kill enemies with your abilities, your Super, and collect Orbs of Light. Equip a Masterworked weapon or two to ensure plenty of Light Orbs drop, then kill every enemy you can find. Keep using abilities and Supers to get your kills until you reach 100 percent.

When you have all the Light you need, return to the Nessus Obelisk and interact with it. The Nessus Obelisk is now up and running, and you can link it to the Sundial to impact the rewards you can earn.