How to Unlock the Post-Game Academy Ace Tournament in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you want to unlock high-level Tera Raids and additional post-game fun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the Academy Ace Tournament is a must.

Academy Ace Tournament Challenger Jacq

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After the credits roll in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there’s still plenty to do – even before you launch into the Teal Mask and Indigo Disk DLCs. One major post-game component is the Academy Ace Tournament, but you’ve got to get there first.

Players who aren’t the biggest fans of battling might wonder whether or not the Academy Ace Tournament is worth it. It’s me, I’m players. However, unlocking and battling your way through the Academy Ace Tournament in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet actually opens up post-game features like higher-level Tera Raids and cutscenes with the friends you made along the way. If you want to get to the tournament and what lies beyond, we’re breaking down everything you need to know.

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How to Start the Academy Ace Tournament in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Academy Ace Tournament Nemona
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First things first, the Academy Ace Tournament is a post-game event, so you’ll need to finish the base game storyline before you can participate in the tournament. You do not need to have purchased or finished either The Teal Mask or The Indigo Disk DLC, though the tournament will be a walk in the park if you have.

Next, you’ve got to put in your rounds as the newly crowned Champion of Paldea. That means taking up Geeta’s request to go inspect all of the Pokemon Gyms in the region. You will see helpful exclamation points on your map for each gym you need to rematch, so it’s relatively easy to make your way through them.

If this feels a bit like Groundhog Day, I get it, but they have leveled up a bit and use slightly different Pokemon teams. Most leaders are working with Level 68 Pokemon in these rematch battles, and you can defeat them pretty easily if you’ve leveled your team throughout the game. Even so, it’s pretty entertaining to see how each Gym Leader reacts to learning they’re facing you instead of La Primera. As another perk, you’ll get pretty substantial rewards in prize money from winning each battle.

Once you defeat the final Gym Leader rematch, you’ll get a call from Geeta asking you to meet her back in the entrance hall of your academy. She’ll ask you a few questions about your battles, then suggest you get some rest. At this point, go interact with the bed in your dorm room, which will spark the start of the Academy Ace Tournament.

Once you speak with Nemona in the Entrance Hall, she and a staff member will explain the tournament rules. After that, you’re all set to speak to the man behind the desk to enter the tournament for the first time.

What is The Academy Ace Tournament?

Academy Ace Tournament Challenger Dendra
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As Nemona explains during your first conversation with her, the Academy Ace Tournament winner must be undefeated, meaning you’ll need to defeat four trainers in a row. Your Pokemon get healed between battles, so it’s not particularly challenging if you have a high-level team.

The first time you participate, your opponents are static and all players face the same four opponents: Arven, Jacq, Dendra, and finally, Geeta. Arven and Jacq have mixed teams with a variety of types, so they require a bit of strategy to beat compared with trainers who have one primary type. Dendra uses primarily Fighting types, so you can defeat her easily using type matchups. Geeta also has a mixed team, but it’s the same as when you faced her at the Elite Four, so repeating your strategy from that battle will work well.

For all subsequent attempts, the Academy Ace Tournament will give you four random opponents, so you won’t know exactly what to expect going in. These opponents are a mix of faculty and students.

Can You Participate in the Academy Ace Tournament More Than Once?

Starting the Academy Ace Tournament Scarlet & Violet
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Yes, you can take on the Academy Ace Tournament multiple times. After you complete the initial tournament, Director Clavell will announce that the tournament isn’t a one-off event, but rather something that will be held regularly.

Any time you’d like to face off against four trainers in the tournament to train your Pokemon, you can talk to the same staffer at the front desk in your academy’s Entrance Hall to enter the tournament again. Entering multiple times will earn you additional rewards and give you a chance to level up your Pokemon through fairly high-level battles.

Academy Ace Tournament Rewards

Clavell Academy Ace Tournament Scarlet & Violet
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For the first time you win the tournament, you’ll get cash, XP, and a special Sporty Cap. You will also receive a ribbon for your achievement. Completing the Academy Ace Tournament also unlocks several more post-game features, so it’s worth your while even if you’re not eager to earn a new hat for your avatar.

Any subsequent entries into the Academy Ace Tournament will give you various items as rewards, such as Rare Candies, Mint, and Tera Shards.

Additional Post-Game Content Unlocked After You Finish the Academy Ace Tournament

High Level Tera Raids Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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When you win the Academy Ace Tournament for the first time, you will get a phone call from Jacq and Director Clavell letting you know about more powerful Tera Raids. From this point on, you will see more 5-star Raids and new 6-star Raids on your map in Paldea, giving you the chance to catch more powerful Pokemon.

Completing the Academy Ace Tournament also unlocks epilogues for your friends’ stories, letting you know what happens next for Nemona, Arven, and Penny. Check the Academy Directory/Map at the computer to see exclamation points showing that your friends want to talk to you. Head to their respective areas and you’ll get a special scene with each of them, furthering their stories.

Nemona, Arven, and Penny each have several different scenes you can enjoy by following their exclamation points around Uva Academy. At the end of each friend’s story, you’ll get access to stop by their dorm room and chat at any time. Finishing these cutscenes for Penny is required if you want to enjoy the post-Indigo Disk fun of tutoring Team Star to unlock special avatar items, but it’s also good fun to see what everyone is up to after the adventure in Area Zero.