How To Unlock The Secret Ending For Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet contains one more secret players may not have been aware of but thankfully we found it so players can too.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Secret Ending

Image via Gamepur

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Just when players think they have reached the end of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, the game throws another curve Pokeball by revealing a secret ending. This hidden end may fill in all of the gaps left behind in the game’s original story.

I discovered this secret ending by happenstance while trying to fill my Pokedex – and I am so glad that I stumbled onto it. I certainly didn’t have any idea something like this was hidden in the game. and the location was one I didn’t think I would go back to once I was done with that area. It’s a good thing I had to go back to complete one of Perrin’s quests.

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What Is Needed To Unlock The Secret Ending For Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Indigo Disk Terapagos
Screenshot by Gamepur

Scarlet & Violet players will need to complete the Indigo Disk DLC and will need both Terapagos and Briar’s Book to unlock the secret ending. Players will also need to put Terapagos into their party. After the credits roll following The Indigo Disk, players will get a notification to visit Briar in her classroom. There she will give up a copy of her new book.

How to Trigger The Secret Ending In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Once both Terapagos and Briar’s Book are obtained, head to the Crystal Pool in Kitakami Village. Go to the bit of land that juts into the pool right next to the bridge. The secret ending will trigger once players get close to the water. There, a surprise waits – one I certainly wasn’t expecting.

**Spoilers ahead for the Secret Ending**

Secret Ending Easter Eggs Found in Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet journal entry
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If players take the time to find and read the documents left by the Professor, they will discover a journal entry at the entrance of the depths under the Area Zero base. This entry mentions the Professor meeting a child at a place that smells of sulfur after somehow being summoned. They mention the child giving them a white volume. This page ultimately insinuates that players must bring Briar’s Book to the Crystal Pool. It is the only hint of the secret ending that players can find.

After obtaining either the Scarlet or Violet Book after meeting the Professor, if the book is used in the inventory, the character will be able to hear the Professor speak to them for a brief moment, establishing that the time travel connection is still open.

What Does The Secret Ending Mean In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Turo
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The secret ending in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet reveals the long-dead Professor, Turo or Sada, being temporarily summoned from the past. Players can have a short chat with the Professor and ask them questions. Turo or Sada explain that this time travel phenomenon might not even be an event connected to their timeline which just adds a whole bunch of questions. Eventually, Turo or Sada will notice Briar’s Book and ultimately ask to trade their Scarlet of Violet Book for Briar’s Book thus, creating a paradox.

Paradox Pokemon

We learn that this meeting between the player and the Scarlet and Violet Professor takes place before Turo or Sada made the time machine – and that they have little to no info on Terapagos – but with Briar’s Book in hand, they now can complete their research. We gave Turo or Sada the last bit of info they needed to complete the time machine, creating a paradox. Any future Pokémon brought to the present because of the Professor are only there due to the paradox we created, thus they are named Paradox Pokemon.

Turo and Sada’s True Cause of Death

Are we the cause of the Professor’s death? I suspect we are at least indirectly. When Turo or Sada see Miraidon or Koraidon, they don’t know the Pokémon’s name and are only vaguely aware of its existence, meaning they haven’t named it yet. When parting they mention that they wish they “could spend longer getting to know” the Pokemon confirming that they haven’t caught it yet in their time. After meeting the friendly version of the Miraidon or Koraidon, they went and caught it in their timeline which led to them trying to catch the second one, only to be unprepared for it to be violent.

Are We The Cause For Everything?

Ultimately, because of one paradoxical meeting, we are the start of the domino effect of events that took place in one of the three storylines in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We give the book to Turo or Sada, leading them to create the time machine, the AI version of themself, and their death. This triggers Arven’s need to go find them in Area Zero and his Mabostiff getting hurt. Arven goes on his quest to find the Titan Pokemon and the Herba Mystica to save Mabostiff.

This also means that we put the world in danger indirectly, because we gave that last bit of info which led to the arrival of the Paradox Pokemon, potentially putting the entire ecosystem in danger. We “saved” the world without knowing that we are the ones who put it in danger in the first place. Then we (the main character) gave the Professor Briar’s Book knowing what would happen if Turo or Sada completed their research.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet ultimately becomes the example of why we shouldn’t mess with time travel and if we do why it is so important to not share information between past, present, and future beings.