How to unlock the Requiem Revengeance Stance in Halo Infinite

A position to take to look more epic.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For anyone who enjoys playing the campaign and multiplayer side of Halo Infinite, you are sure to be looking for all the cosmetic items that can be unlocked in the multiplayer by playing the campaign. While a large majority of these items can be found from locating and opening Mjolnir Armory Lockers, a couple of legendary stances have the community at a loss for how to get them. Here is what we know about unlocking the Requiem Revengeance stance in Halo Infinite.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, it seems that the Halo Infinite community is at a loss for how to unlock the Requiem Revengeance legendary stance in the multiplayer mode. When you pull up the details on the item in the Customization section of the game, all it says is it is “Available in Halo Infinite’s Campaign.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

With that being said, we have found all Mjolnir Armory Lockers and completed the game on Legendary, so we can cross out those two areas for the means to acquire it. It may come down to finding a specific Easter egg in the open world, or maybe something off the wall like a speed run or odd sequence of things. We will update this article once we have more information.