How to unlock the submarine and how it works in Monster Hunter Rise – The Farm

The farm has become a submarine.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want a quick way to duplicate some of the items you find on your adventures in Monster Hunter Rise, you want to place them in the farm. For Monster Hunter Rise, it’s known as a submarine, and it works a little differently. You can unlock these by completing a side quest called Cultural Exchange for Rondine the Trader. You can find Rondine in the Buddy Hub area. They will be standing in front of a ship. Once you complete your first Rampage defense mission as a three-star hunter, Rondine will offer you this quest when you speak with her in the Buddy Hub area.

You will need to locate two items to complete this quest.

  • Deliver 3 Wisplanterns
  • Deliver 3 Boatshells

These are items you can find out in the world in the environment. Monsters do not drop them. The Boatshells are found in Oyster Beds in the Frost Islands. The Wisplanterns are in the Shrine Ruins region, and they only drop from Red Berries. They’re a rare drop, so it won’t always happen, and you’ll have to roam around the Shrine Ruins to find them.

Once you have three of each item, bring them back to Roandine, and she’ll reward you with a submarine. The submarine can be used whenever you speak with Rondine by choosing the “Order Items” option.

By using the “Order Items,” you’ll have one of your companions go out to attempt to trade for items on your behalf. You will have to devote Kamura Points to increase their bargaining skill to give them a better chance of returning with more items at a better price.

You can only send Palico or Palamutes through the submarine if they are not currently in your party and they are in reserve. They will return after you complete a hunt or two.