How to unlock the Tannery in V Rising

What’s a vampire without a little leather?

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Once you get the basics set up in V Rising, like a Castle Heart, a few Palisade Walls, and a Sawmill, you’ll need to start expanding your production capabilities with some more advanced buildings. This is especially important if you want to upgrade your Castle Heart to a higher level, since that requires getting ahold of some Leather.

While you can find a bit of Leather in certain enemy encampments, the only way to gather it consistently is by making it at a Tannery. And the only way to unlock the Tannery is by defeating Keely the Frost Archer and collecting her V Blood.

How to beat Keely the Frost Archer

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You can find Keely at the Bandit Trapper Camp, shown on the map above. You should also make sure to track her by selecting her in your Blood Altar. Depending on where you chose to build your castle, this might be a long ways to travel, so consider leaving in the morning, since it’s easier to avoid the sun while traveling than it is while fighting a boss. Before making the journey though, we’d recommend getting to a Gear Score of at least 20.

To beat Keely, the first thing you’ll want to do is clear out most of the other enemies in the camp. That way you can focus more on avoiding her attacks, which are all pretty clearly telegraphed. She will occasionally summon a couple of allies, but they’re significantly weaker than her, and easy to take out quickly before turning your attention back to her.

How to build the Tannery

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Building the Tannery is as simple as opening the build menu with “B,” then selecting it from the Production section, in the Production tab. From here, just pick a place to set it up in your castle. Once it’s constructed and powered by your Castle Heart, you can use it to produce a few different materials, including turning your Animal Hides into valuable Leather.

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