How to unlock the Type V Armor in Tower of Fantasy

A powerful mech to assist you.

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It will take you a while to unlock all of the relics in Tower of Fantasy. After all, some of them take a decent amount of grinding before you can unlock them. Take the Type V Armor. This large droid isn’t available to you right away and may take you a very long time to unlock it, but it is more than worth it when you finally get your hands on it.

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How to get the Type V Armor in Tower of Fantasy

The Type V Armor is one of the more powerful relics in the game. There is a reason it takes a while for you to obtain this hulking droid. Before you can get the Type V Armor, you will need to make it to at least chapter two in the game and unlock the Crown region. The Crown region is the one to the east of the Banges region. You may not be able to gain access to this area right away and may need to complete the story up to when you enter the region.

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Once you gain access to the Crown region, you will need to do a lot of exploring so you can earn yourself some Exploration Points. The Type V Armor is one of the rewards you will obtain from Exploration Points as you search the Crown Region. Specifically, you need 1050 points to obtain this relic. You can get Exploration Points by opening Supply Pods, defeating bosses and minibosses, interacting with points of interest, and activating Spacerifts.

What does the Type V Armor do in Tower of Fantasy?

The Type V Armor is one of the many combat relics that you can obtain. This means that this relic is meant to be used in battle. Once activated, your character will jump into a mech droid for 30 seconds. This droid is immune to being stunned and can shoot enemies with its guns. When you want to exit the droid, activate it again. Your character will jump out and the droid will explode.