What are Exploration Points for in Tower of Fantasy

Explore the world for rewards.

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Exploration is an important part of any MMO title. In Tower of Fantasy, you get rewarded for exploring the many wonders and sights around the various areas that make up the world of Aida. Points of interest, training, and shelters are all important things to interact with. The more you discover, the more you will learn about the world that your character resides in, but accrue bonuses in the form of Exploration Points. Are you ready, Wanderer?

What are Exploration Points and how to get them

Simply put, Exploration Points are points that you get for exploring the areas of the world. Many things contribute to the increase of these points as you make your way through the various areas. You can check your progress by opening the map with the M key.

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In the bottom right corner of the map, you will see the different regions of the world. You will start off in Astra, a small island separate from the rest of the land. If you click on the region that you wish to view, it will show you your progress in the region.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can get Exploration Points in the following ways:

  • Opening Supply Pods found in strongholds and hideouts
  • Interacting with plants like Dandelions that get you Black and Gold Nuclei
  • Completing Ruin dungeons
  • Linking Spacerifts
  • Finding the Omnium Tower
  • Locating Scenic Points

All of these different activities will add to the overall number of Exploration Points that you have received. As you discover more about each region, you will obtain rewards based on the number of Exploration Points you have. The rewards that you obtain are items like Dark Crystals, outfits, Black and Gold Nuclei, and armor.