How to unlock Yami’s 2008 Kag TG in Far Cry 6 – Backseat Driver Yaran Story guide

Yami’s 2008 KAG TG is a beast on and off the road.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you gain access to your rides in Far Cry 6, you will discover that you have three rides that you can go out in the world and collect. One of these rides is Yami’s 2008 Kag TG. This beefy SUV is a beast on the road that doesn’t want to be stopped. The only question is, who is Yami?

You won’t meet Yami until you have completed the Second Son mission that is available from Carlos Montero at Montero Farm. You will need to complete a few missions prior to Second Son. Once you have completed it, head to Yami’s Chop Shop. Located northwest of Montero Farm along the highway. Use the map below for reference.

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Yami will give you the mission Backseat Driver. After accepting the mission, you will be tasked with going to the FND Tank Training Grounds to retrieve Yami’s jeep. The FND Tank Training Grounds are located in the northern section of Madrugada in the Aguas Lindas region. It is along the same round as the Esperanza West Checkpoint.

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Retrieving Yami’s jeep is rather simple. Head to the Training Grounds and kill all of the enemies on site. There will be a few enemies hanging around, mostly in vehicles. It is possible to have some enemies standing along the sides of the area. Wipe out all the enemies and a new quest marker will appear to guide you to where Yami’s jeep is. Pick up her jeep and she will tell you that you can keep it.