How to upgrade buildings in Loop Hero

Better buildings make for better loops.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Devolver Digital’s latest game Loop Hero mixes elements of roguelike and incremental game design to make something that feels totally unique. Loop Hero also does a remarkable job of building mystery and keeping players guessing. The only issue with that design is that some things can feel a little hidden if you’re not paying attention.

Loop Hero is a game all about runs. Each time you go through a run, your character is walking along a looping path. Along the way, you’ll collect gear, resources, and cards that you can use to add different types of monsters to the loop. At any time, you can choose to go back to your home base and use the resources to build new buildings.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After your first loop, the game explains how to construct buildings using the resources you’ve gathered. This opens up the menu filled with different building options that you can see above. However, the game doesn’t tell you as clearly how to upgrade those buildings.

To do this, you need to click on the building in your main encampment. This brings up two buttons on the left-hand side. One gives you the option to dismantle the building, while the other lets you upgrade the building. As you’d probably expect, upgrading costs quite a bit in resources, but they’re definitely worth doing once you have the materials. And, if you’re still struggling to find it, look at the photo below for a quick visual guide.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As mentioned, you’re going to need a ton of resources to make all of those upgrades. If you need some help figuring out how to farm the early game resources, make sure to give our guide a look.