How to upgrade Ouroboros in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

More powerful for you alternate form.

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During Chapter One, you get to see your Ouroboros form in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. As you progress through the game, you get access to different Ouroboros forms, as well as the ability to use these forms more and more. Transforming allows you to use powerful attacks to quickly knock down a foe’s health bar. Pretty late into Chapter Two, you finally get the ability to upgrade your Ouroboros form and make it even more powerful. It just requires some Soul Points.

How to upgrade Ouroboros

Once you gain access to the upgrade menu for Ouroboros, you will be able to use the Soul Tree to increase various aspects of this special form. The Soul Tree can be found by opening the menu using the X button. Once in the menu, select the ‘Character’ option to bring up the characters menu.

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In the characters menu, select the option labeled ‘Interlink.’ This will bring up the Ouroboros form of whichever character you have selected. Select which Ouroboros form you wish to upgrade using the L and R buttons. From there, select the option labeled ‘Soul Tree.’ This will bring up the upgrade menu for that Ouroboros.

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The Soul Tree is a pretty standard skill tree that allows you to select various upgrades for the Ouroboros you have selected. The first node in the tree will branch off into other nodes once you select it, allowing you to upgrade the Ouroboros however you see fit. The Soul Point requirement can be found on the bottom right side of the screen.

How to get Soul Points

Soul Points, or SP, are given to you in small amounts throughout the game by completing quests. Since there are some quests that are missable in the game, there is a chance that you can miss out on some of the Soul Points in the game if you skip a few quests. Always be sure to complete quests whenever you come across them. Upgrades in the Soul Tree cannot be reset once you activate them. Make sure to be selective about which upgrades you take since resources are scarce.