How to upgrade Resident Services in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Help it grow.

Resident Services is an extremely important building in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, especially when you start playing the game. It is here that you can craft items, buy and sell goods, and speak with Tom Nook about the next steps to take on your adventure. It also houses the kiosk where you trade in your Nook Miles for very useful items. Being so important, the building can be upgraded, and it will grow along with your island.

To upgrade your Resident Services from a tent to a proper building, you will need to have five inhabitants on your island. They can’t have just arrived and will need to be fully moved in, with houses fully built, and all boxes packed away. When this happens, Tom Nook will make an announcement that Resident Services is relocating from the tent to a permanent building.

The building will then be closed off behind some scaffolding while it is worked on. The building will be placed in the center of the plaza, right beside the noticeboard.

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