How to upgrade trucks in Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

Make sure to get those upgrades.

Upon starting up Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 for the very first time, players will receive a few starter trucks to get those new drivers off on the right foot. Drivers will have the opportunity to¬†pick up new vehicles¬†throughout the game, but it’s important to upgrade those trucks as soon as possible. Why? Upgrading trucks can improve the car’s overall attributes.

So how do you upgrade truck? Just drive, baby.

Simply put, players can upgrade trucks in Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 just by driving the vehicles and using them in events. Each time you participate and do well in an event, you will get XP. And on top of that, the Level bar of the vehicle will go up, as will the Engine, Transmission, Suspension, Tires, and Chasis attributes.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Players should look to upgrade vehicles in Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 through the World Career mode. World Career mode offers a bevy of events, ranging from Freestyle events to head-to-head races. And each event that players participate in will grant those users the opportunity to upgrade XP and attributes.

With that said, make sure to push the pace and attempt to finish in the best possible position that you can. The higher you score in events, the more XP and attribute boosts you’ll receive.