How to upgrade weapons in Samurai Warriors 5

Take your battles to the next level.


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You’ll pick up thousands of weapons during your time playing Samurai Warriors 5. Some will be good, but most will be awful. However, you can upgrade your weapons to be far stronger than anything you’ll pick up in the field. This article explains exactly how you do that and how you give a weapon new attributes.

How to upgrade weapons

To upgrade weapons, you’ll need to unlock the Blacksmith first. This building is unlocked by completing the first chapter in Musou Mode. Once it’s unlocked, you can use it to both upgrade and dismantle weapons, improving their rating by upgrading the Gems attached to them. To upgrade a weapon’s rank, you need to select and upgrade the Gems attached to it. As you gradually upgrade the levels of these Gems, the weapon’s rank will move up from F through to S.

You can pick up more Gems by dismantling the weapons you pick up in battles. These will generally be Rank F, but they’ll almost always have a Gem attached. These Gems will drop into your inventory when you dismantle the weapon. You can then attach these to other weapons as you upgrade your Blacksmith. The higher the level of your Blacksmith, the more upgrades you can perform on a weapon.