How to upgrade your shelter in Sheltered 2

Make this shelter a home for the long run.


Screenshot by Gamepur

From day one in Sheltered 2, you’re fighting to turn the makeshift shelter your faction stumbles upon into a home that they can use for years to come. While building more rooms and better amenities will help, you won’t survive in the long run unless you upgrade your shelter. This guide covers how to upgrade the various aspects of your shelter.

How to upgrade your shelter

You can upgrade each of the crucial components of your shelter. You’ll be repairing the water and oxygen filtration systems regularly enough, but you may not notice that you can upgrade them. You can upgrade even the generator. Each machine has its own set of upgrade paths that offer something different.

For example, You can upgrade the oxygen filtration system in durability, resistance, and output. Upgrading the output will increase the amount of oxygen gathered and filtered. Adding an upgrade to durability will make the machine last longer without being repaired, and resistance increases the machine’s capacity during sandstorms, which would usually hinder it.

Every upgrade in the game costs parts, and you’ll be able to see these as you look through the upgrades. If you want to work on a particular upgrade, try to craft or scavenge the parts you need and hold onto them until you can build it. The more you upgrade each part of your shelter, the easier managing it will become, giving you more time to manage your survivors.