How to use a coolant tank to destroy walls and stop fires in Hardscape: Shipbreaker

Stay cool.

Image via Blackbird Interactive

Inside of the ships you dismantle in Hardscape: Shipbreaker, there are various useful resources the previous owners left behind, although some are hazardous. You might find that the fuel tanks inside the vessel still have plenty of fuel left in them, and if you cut into them, or light the right spark, you might find yourself with a clone cleaning up your mess. But not every item inside of a ship is dangerous. You can potentially use the coolant tanks inside a ship to remove the walls and make it easier to bring them back to deposit.

The coolant tanks have a blue exterior, and there’s also the distinct snowflake on their outer shell to make it easy to identify them. While not as hazardous as the fuel tanks to the ship you’re attempting to salvage, you still want to be careful. You want to decide if it’s more profitable for you to destroy it inside of the ship or to recover it for yourself. The coolant tank can bring some decent money into your pocket, but you might be better off saving time to destroy several walls.

Use your grapple to place the coolant tank at the ideal location for the explosion. You don’t always want to have it explode at the exact placement you find it. When you’re ready, use your cutter to send it off, and everything around it should have a transparent sheet of ice on it, making it significantly easier to cut through walls. It’s a great way to make a hole without the risk of an explosion going off, potentially harming you and the cargo you want to turn into for your profits.

Alternatively, if there’s a fire in your ship, you can set off a coolant tank to extinguish it. You need to act fast to prevent the fire from spreading to everything, so be quick when you want to protect your latest venture.

A coolant tank has a variety of uses. Again, should you not need to use the tank to create a hole in the ship or stop a fire, send it to the barge for a quick profit.