How to use and where to turn in a chest of rage in Sea of Thieves

The chest of rage takes some patience and a careful eye to make worthwhile.

Image via Rare

The chest of rage in Sea of Thieves has a unique feature where it steadily builds up with the heat. It’s a new gameplay mechanic players need to consider if they attempt to go after one in the new Crew of Rage quests or try to take on the Molten Sands Fortress in The Devil’s Roar. You have to keep your eye on it or suffer the consequences.

How to use the chest of rage

While you have a chest of rage in your possession, it steadily gathers heat and becomes hot. You should see a glowing animation from the chest as the heat starts to expel from the object. To prevent the chest from becoming too heated and exploding, you need to pour water on it, which requires a bucket full of water. You have to dunk the chest in water from a bucket. Developers Rare won’t let you have the lower part of your ship’s full of water to keep the chest cool. If you do this, the water becomes heated by the chest, making it even more difficult to traverse this area. It would help if you had a dedicated member to water it.

Because the chest of rage explodes after a set of time, you can treat it like a bomb to damage skeletons or blow holes in an enemy ship. You don’t have to wait for the chest to heat up, either. If you have a gun on you, you can fire at it to increase the amount of heat it receives until it blows up. It does a great deal of damage to anything around it, potentially blowing a hole in an enemy ship or damaging a mighty skeleton captain.

Where to turn in the chest of rage

When you’re ready to turn in the chest of rage for a suitable reward, you have two options. Your first option is to return it to any of the outposts in the game and speak to the tent of the Gold Hoarders. They provide you gold and reputation with their faction. However, for those primarily looking to acquire gold from the chest can bring it to the Masked Stranger. You can find them at The Reapers Hideout, where you can receive twice the amount of gold you would traditionally receive, but no reputation.

You certainly want to bring a crew with you when you handle a chest of rage. These are excellent items, and they provide plenty of rewards if you know how to utilize them, for-profit, or to use as a weapon against your enemies.