How To Use Auras In My Hero Ultra Rumble (& How To Get Them)

You’ll need to use Auras to make everyone shine in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Image by Bandai

Image by Bandai

If you’ve been playing My Hero Ultra Rumble you may have noticed some players with a little extra flare about them. And by flare, we mean that in the literal sense.

Sometimes in My Hero Ultra Rumble, you’ll encounter those with Auras, firey multicolored flames that come off of a character’s body. You may notice that long-standing players have them, making a character look extra cool with flames that emphasize their outfit. They even fit in with characters like Dabi pretty appropriately, who would naturally have flames coming off of his body. We have all the details on how you can get an Aura on any character, and what colors the Aura can come in when you play My Hero Ultra Rumble.

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How To Get Auras in My Hero Ultra Rumble

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Auras are a testament to a player’s stubbornness and skill since they are pretty hard to get in the first place. Because My Hero Ultra Rumble is a gatcha at heart, Auras are another piece that you can roll for. Throughout your time between your battles, you’ll end up getting a lot of duplicate items. Normally, these would reward you with Hero Souls, but in the case of Outfits, they reward you with an Aura for your trouble.

Auras can come in the following colors:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Pink
  • White
  • Rainbow

What Outfits Can Have An Aura in My Hero Ultra Rumble?

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Across the board, there’s no set rule that determines which outfits can have Auras and which can’t. Rarity isn’t the defining factor here, but the icon that you see when scrolling through the Customization menu for each character. If there are flare icons next to the title of the subsection for that character’s outfits, they will reward you with a flare if you happen to roll that outfit twice.

How Do I Equip Auras Once I Have Them?

Just like with Hero Souls in My Hero Ultra Rumble, the outfit you roll a double of will turn into the item that you get as compensation for rolling a double, which is an Aura in this case. Auras are unlocked in sequence order, which means the first one you unlock will be Blue, followed by Green, and so on. Once you have an Aura unlocked after your latest roll, go to the Customization menu and find the sections that allow you to equip Auras, as noted by the flame icons to the left of the subsection. There you can click on your desired outfit and hit Equip Aura.

It’s a shame that different Auras don’t unlock with specific characters, since some look better with different colors than others. For example, while Dabi looks great with Blue, Bakugo wouldn’t look as good with that color as a first unlock. He’d be more fit with Red, which is unfortunately a few dupes down the line. Happy rolling, and good luck!