My Hero Ultra Rumble: How To Unlock Every Character

Get to rumble with your favorite characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble as you unlock more to add to your roster.

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Unlocking the characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble is just the name of the game. Most of the characters need to be unlocked in order to progress, with only a few characters being available from the very beginning: Izuki, Ochacho, Cementoss, Mt. Lady, Shigaraki, and Dabi.

While it would be optimal to just have your favorite character available from the very start, the unlocking process is easy to do. Plus, you can use items to temporarily use a locked character for a little while, so even if you don’t unlock them today or tomorrow, you can always go for a few rounds as your favorite. In this article, we’ll explain all the ways you can unlock characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble, including how to efficiently go about each way with ease.

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How To Unlock MHUR Characters With Character Tickets

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The first way you can unlock characters in a timely manner is through Character Tickets, which you can obtain through various shops. Character Tickets are the only way to instantly unlock specific characters, but can only be used to unlock three of them. With Character Tickets, rolls are not required to get these characters as a part of your permanent roster.

You can purchase Character Tickets in the standard shop, in exchange for Hero Souls. To gain Hero Souls, all you need to do is roll any gatcha enough to get repeats of the same item. Repeat items transform into Hero Souls, which you can use in the standard shop as often as you need to for more unlockables. Additionally, another way to obtain Hero Tickets is from your Hero License, during specific levels as you progress through it. If you’re willing to drop some Hero Crystals, you can also use Hero Crystals to buy Hero Tickets.

To use a Hero Ticket to purchase a character, you’ll need to navigate to the character select screen and click on one of the unlockable characters. If you have a Hero Ticket, the option to unlock them will appear below the character model. Characters you can unlock with Hero Tickets include:

  • Tenya Iida
  • Itsuka Kendo
  • Denki Kaminari

How To Unlock MHUR Characters With Rolls

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Rolling for your characters is the most effective way to try and nab your favorite in a timely fashion. There are two ways to roll: with Hero Crystals and with Roll Tickets. With Rolls, you can get any character, but the entire ordeal is up to chance. Hero Crystals and Roll Tickets are the easiest currency to obtain besides Gold, being items that are rewarded for completing Missions during rounds. There are plenty of ways to accumulate Roll Tickets and Hero Crystals so that you can roll as much as you want:

  • Claim Missions: If you see an exclamation mark over a tab or menu, check it. Missions contain rewards, often including Roll Tickets or Hero Crystals.
  • Check your Mail: Letters from the devs often contain Roll Tickets.
  • Pay Attention to Events: During events, you can earn Event currency that you can only use in limited-time event shops. These shops contain Hero Crystals that you can purchase.
  • Upgrade your Hero License: While a standard Hero License is nice, having a Premier License is even better. Use Hero Crystals that you gather to upgrade your license so that you can claim more tickets to roll with.

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How To Unlock MHUR Characters With Your Hero License

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The good thing about your Hero License is that it contains more than just endless streams of currency to collect as you play. If you have enough Hero Crystals, you can upgrade that license to include way more items than it originally was able to offer you. These benefits also include unlocking characters instead of just items.

Many characters, like Bakugo, Shoto, and All Might can all be unlocked with a Hero License. To ensure you unlock them as quickly as you can, check your Hero License’s progress as you continue to play. If you want to speed up your Hero License’s progress, the best way to do that is by using Hero Crystals to bolster your level.