How to use cross-save in The Witcher 3

Take your main campaign on the road.

The Witcher 3

Image via CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3 now supports a cross-save function between the PC version and the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to use the same save files on both platforms. It means a single campaign for fans who happen to own the game on both—no more jumping between different points in the story, which is welcome news. 

The first step is to make sure that you have cloud save enables on Steam or GOG, whichever launcher you use to run the game. Both should be activated automatically, but just in case, we will run through how to turn them on for both launchers.


For Steam, right-click on the game in the Library, then go to the Updates tab, and down at the bottom, you will see Steam Cloud, with the option to turn on cloud synchronization.


In GoG Galaxy, all games that support cloud saves will have a small icon beside them, and you can click that to activate the feature. It should already be enabled by default.

Now that is taken care of, power up the Nintendo Switch and make sure the new update has been downloaded. Go to the game on your home screen, then open up the options menu by hitting the + button. Select “Software Update,” then “Via the Internet,” to check and see if the update has already downloaded. If not, let it download and install it.

Run the game, and in the main menu, you will see a Cloud Saves option. This is where you can turn on and off cross-save and pick to load files from either Steam of GoG. You will be able to access all your save files on both platforms.

You can also choose to upload your save file from the Switch to the cloud, and will be able to transfer the same save file back and forth between PC and the Switch, depending on which platform you wish to play on.