How to use the pistol in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal does not have a pistol in it officially, but you can still pull out one if you’re playing on PC.

The 2016 release of Doom brought with it a revival of many classic weapons in the series. The BFG, super shotgun, and more were on full display for proper means to destroy Hell’s army of demons.

The very first weapon in that game was the pistol. The pistol is a familiar mainstay in the Doom franchise that oddly enough did not make its way into the final version of Doom Eternal. However, Id Software did create a fully-functioning pistol, and through the use of the Cheat Engine on PC, you can use it in the game. Here is how.

How and where to unlock the pistol in Doom Eternal

As shown on Twitter user DaveOshry’s page, the pistol can switch between single and burst fire with its mod. Supposedly, it was cut because it did not fit the flow of the game.

As mentioned above, to use the gun in Doom Eternal, you will need to download Cheat Engine and also grab this file for Doom Eternal. Once you have these, open up Doom Eternal, but TAB to your desktop and load the file. Click “Select Process to Open” in the ‘File’ menu, select Doom Eternal, and accept the next pop-up window.

In the bottom panel of the Cheat Engine is a line of text written in purple, ending with “release-pc-hotfix2.” Click the box to the left of it to open the sub-menu, and check the boxes next to both the console command and noclip commands entries below. TAB back into your game.

When back in the game, tap the TILDE button (between ESC and TAB, to the left of “1”). It will open the developer console. Type into the console “give weapon/player/pistol.” Hit Enter and the pistol will spawn into the Doom Slayer’s hand with full animation and everything. Have fun with ANOTHER gun in Doom Eternal.