How to use evolution items in Pokémon Go

These are critical items.

Image via Niantic

There are several requirements you may need to meet to evolve a Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Unlike traditional games in the series, you can’t level them up. You need to feed them candy. Once you have enough, they’ll become their next evolution. A handful of Pokémon do need evolution items, similar to when you use a Fire Stone on an Eevee to turn it into a Flareon. There are a handful of evolution items you can collect in Pokémon Go, and they all work the same way.

Whenever you need to use an evolution item for a Pokémon, you’ll see the icon on the left of the required candy amount you need to collect to evolve it. You need to make sure you’re on the Pokémon screen in your inventory. Unfortunately, it does not tell you the name of the evolution item you need. There are seven you can use.

  • Dragon Scale
  • King’s Rock
  • Metal Coat
  • Sinnoh Stone
  • Sun Stone
  • Unova Stone
  • Up-Grade

These are items that you have a small chance of obtaining whenever you complete research breakthrough tasks each month, from completing trainer battles, defeating Team Rocket leaders, spinning Photo Discs, or from completing special research tasks. The special research tasks are likely the easiest method to obtain these items from most players.

When you have the item in your inventory, you will automatically use it to evolve the Pokémon. You do have to make sure you also meet the candy requirement, though. With both of those requirements completed, you can evolve the Pokémon at will, and you’ll have the evolved version in your inventory. Whenever you want to evolve a Pokémon with an evolution item, you have to make sure you have one of those items in your inventory.