How to use grenade launchers in Battlefield 2042

Sometimes clicking on heads is not enough.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone

Image via DICE

Underslung grenade launchers are infantry soldiers’ best option for fighting vehicles in Battlefield 2042, especially after the NTW-50 anti-material rifle got nerfed in Patch 2. They can also be used to disrupt and destroy enemy foot soldiers and quickly level destructible terrain elements. These weapon attachments come in multiple different variants and can be equipped on a range of weapons.

How to equip a grenade launcher in Battlefield 2042

First, check if your preferred weapon has access to launcher attachments. The following Battlefield 2042 weapons can equip underslung grenade launchers: AK-24, AC-42, DM7, LCMG, M5A3, SFAR-M GL, SVK, and SWS-10.

Then, select your preferred grenade launcher type from the variants you have unlocked. Each one has a different damage profile, and they all reduce your aim-down-sights speed slightly, even when you are not using the grenade launcher attachment.

  • 40mm AP – The Armor Piercing round of this grenade launcher makes it powerful against vehicles. However, Dozer’s shield will still fully block it.
  • 40mm Frag – Fragmentation grenades are your standard area-of-effect grenades, devastating against groups of infantry and decently useful against light vehicles.
  • 40mm HE – The High Explosive grenade launcher seems to function identically to the Frag launcher.
  • 40mm Incendiary – As you can imagine, Incendiary grenades set the target area on fire. This attachment would function as an area denial tool if Battlefield 2042’s maps weren’t so open and easy to traverse.
  • 40mm Smoke – The Smoke grenade is a flexible tool which can disorient enemies or allow your squad to advance through enemy firelines. It can also be used to cover your extraction in Hazard Zone matches, though that tactic is less effective than it used to be at launch.

How to use grenade launchers in Battlefield 2042

After you have set up your weapon and grenade launcher, all you need to do to fire off a grenade is switch your weapon’s fire mode; the default keybind in Battlefield 2042 on PC is X. Keep in mind that although grenade launchers can deliver destruction faster and over much longer ranges than handheld grenades, they are still best used in mid-range, since the projectile arc can make you miss targets at longer distances.

When firing on vehicles, make sure to aim at center mass regardless of your target, because hitboxes don’t always accurately match vehicle models. Also note that there is no EMP grenade launcher in Battlefield 2042 yet, which means that your best option against vehicles at the moment is the 40mm AP.