How to use hot routes in Madden 21

Still the best way to catch defenders off-guard.

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Although Options, among other fantastic new plays, have now been added to the Madden series, hot routes still reign king when modifying a play after you’ve seen the positioning of the opponent’s defense. In Madden 21, many of the last-second possible changes are done a bit differently than usual. However, changing the routes of your receivers is still the familiar process you know and love.

When to use hot routes in-game

Obviously, you cannot do hot routes when picking a play. You’ll want to begin setting up your routes when on the line of scrimmage. This also goes for those that are using hurry-up offensive tactics. Once your quarterback is under center, press triangle if you’re on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox.

How to pick your new route angles

You will then choose the desired wide receiver or running back with the icon displayed over their head. From here, that player will be given a list of optional angles to run, all of which can be chosen by the face buttons or analog sticks. It should be remembered that superstar players with X-factors have an additional four route choices.

Players can apply these hot routes to as many receivers as they want, as long as it is done before the play clock runs out. To get used to this feature, we recommend using the practice mode – where you can play on the field with no opponent present.