How to Use Multiplayer & Co-op in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen’s Multiplayer capabilities are par for the course in a Soulslike title, but it’s still an enticing way to play.

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Lords of the Fallen has arrived to acclaim and fans of the original are chomping at the bit to get into the rebooted Soulslike. If you’ve played the Dark Souls series, then you likely already know what you’re getting yourself into.

Multiplayer doesn’t traditionally have a ton of depth in these titles, with their primary function typically being a way to tag in a friend to help you storm your way through a particularly tricky boss fight, and Lords of the Fallen doesn’t stray very far off that path. PVP is fun, but it definitely takes a backseat to the co-op experience.

There are some interesting rewards to be claimed though, so here’s how to team up as you storm both the living world and the realm of the dead.

Lords of the Fallen Multiplayer Co-Op – How to Invite Your Friends

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Fans will find another take on the standard Soulsborne invite system in Lords of the Fallen. You will have to travel to a Vestige or plant a Vestige Seed in an Umbral Flowerbed. There are four options from there, all allowing you to do different things.

Vestige Menu ActionResult
Beckon LambearerCall the aid of any player who has chosen Accompany Lambearer.
Accompany LampbearerExtend an invite to any needy soul out in the wild who needs your help.
Beckon FriendInvite a specific friend to join you on your quest and help you fight through the current zone.
Slaughter LampbearerOpens Up 1v1 Combat Against Another Player.

Lending a helping hand to any other player isn’t just about being selfless. You can earn rewards for contributing to their game. These come in the form of Pilfered Coins, which you earn every time you slay a boss while being a guest in someone else’s story.

Other world rewards will be disabled for the non-host player though, as those items need to be tied directly to your save, which isn’t possible during co-op gameplay.

Is Lords of the Fallen Crossplay – Cross-Platform Rules

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Unfortunately, there is good news and bad news here. There is crossplay capability, but it does not extend between Xbox and PlayStation. This means you can play on either console and team up with PC players, but you cannot do the same with anyone playing on the opposite family of consoles.

So if you’re a PlayStation player, you’ll be limited to the PlayStation and PC Players pool, and the same is true for Xbox.

Where to spend Pilfered Coins, Severed Hands, & Plucked Eyeballs

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Pilfered Coins aren’t the only other currency available. PVP combatants will also earn Severed Hands every time they win a fight. These can be pretty difficult to come by, so don’t expect to hoard mass amounts of them at any given time.

You can also use Soul Flay to find animals that contain the spirit of fallen players. These creatures are outlined in a threatening red aura and will drop Plucked Eyeballs on death.

All three of these currencies are spent in different places, and here’s where you can find them all.

  • Pilfered Coins: Skyrest – Shirine of Orius
  • Severed Hands: Fitzroy’s Gorge – Shrine of Adyr
  • Plucked Eyeballs: Skyrest- Shrine of the Putrid Mother

None of these locations should be difficult to locate, but it’s easy to overlook the Shrine of Adyr even if you’re standing on top of it. Just travel to the Vestige of the Betrayed Eilard if you’re having trouble finding it.

All three options can be spent on various items and upgrades. There’s a lot of recolor tincts to be claimed, so get out there and get to chopping if you want to be the belle of the ball in Axiom and Umbral alike.