How to use Operator Guides in Rainbow Six Siege

Learn an Operator without making mistakes.


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With Operation Vector Glare, Operator Guides were added to Rainbow Six Siege. These give players a chance to learn how to use every Operator in the game without purchasing them or making mistakes in matches to pick up tactics. This guide explains how to use Operator Guides and make the most of the information on offer.

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How do Operator Guides work?

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To view Operator Guides, go to the Operator menu and select the Operator you want to learn about. Once you’ve chosen them, you can see a new menu option for Operator Guides. Click on it to open it, and you’ll be greeted with a new screen full of videos demonstrating how that Operator works. You can play these videos in any order, selecting the aspects of their gear or equipment you want to learn about and watching a video that teaches you something about it. For example, Sens has an Operator Guide that shows players how their gadget, the R.O.U. Projector System works in practice.

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Do you need to watch Operator Guides before playing?

While you’re not required to watch every Operator Guide for an Operator before playing as them in a real match, we’d recommend that everyone does if they’ve never played as that Operator before. These videos better explain how to use an Operator’s gadget and personal skills better than anything else, and they’re incredibly important if this will be your first time using them. Jumping into a match without understanding how to play as an Operator will lead to you dying and letting your team down for a couple of matches, so learning how to use them and everything they have at their disposal will help you perform better, potentially leading you to a win in your first match.