Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare introduces a new Attacker, team deathmatch map, and much more – Preview

Sens is going to shake the foundations of this game.


Image via Ubisoft

The next season for Rainbow Six Siege is called Operation Vector Glare. We were given a chance to check out and play the new content coming to the game in Y7S2, including the exciting Operator, team deathmatch map, firing range, and much more. This is what you can expect to see in Rainbow Six Siege when Operation Vector Glare launches on June 7, plus a glimpse at what Ubisoft is planning beyond this season.

You won’t see them coming

Image via Ubisoft

The most interesting addition with Operation Vector Glare is Sens, the latest Attacker to join the Operator roster. They’re the first non-binary Operator in Rainbow Six Siege, which is reflected in the lore you can read in-game. Sens’ gadget is the ROU (Rolling Obstructive Utility) Projector. It’s a small motorized wheel that drops tiny projectors as it rushes forward in a straight line. The projectors shine a powerful light above them, creating what appears to be a solid wall of light across the map.

This wall of light can be traversed and shot through because it’s not a physical barrier. However, it’s so bright that it looks like one, which is why this gadget is so powerful. Suddenly, players can deploy an obstacle that the Defenders can’t see through, allowing them to create a wall behind which they can disarm a bomb, plant traps, or trick the enemy into thinking they know what’s coming, before initiating a flanking maneuver.

Sens has three ROU Projectors per round, but even that could be overpowering the Attackers. Once you’ve seen it in action, you know this gadget is going to transform the way everyone plays Rainbow Six Siege. With a deployable cover that blinds Defenders, there’s no reason to hide behind doorways or blast a hole through a wall.

The impact of Sens and this gadget are heightened by the fact that from Operation Vector Glare’s release, new Operators will now automatically be added to the roster available in Rainbow Six Siege eSports tournaments. Until now, there’s been a three-month cooldown period that allows teams to master each new Operator. With Sens though, a team could pick up and roll with a new Operator and gadget and employ powerful tactics against their foes to come out on top with wins out of nowhere.

Unexpected new facilities

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft was planning to bring a new map to Rainbow Six Siege’s Bomb Disposal mode with Y7S3. However, to do it justice and ensure its quality, that map has been delayed until Y7S4. With Operation Vector Glare, players still get a new map, but it’s only for team deathmatch mode. The map is called Close Quarters, and it’s built exactly how you’d expect. The corners are tight, there’s no space to effectively place traps, and you’ll likely find an enemy around every corner. This map is designed to make team deathmatch as frantic as possible.

Sticking with new features in places you didn’t know you needed them, Ubisoft will be adding a firing range to Rainbow Six Siege this season. The firing range allows players to try out every weapon and Operator to get a good idea of how much damage everything deals. To aid players further, new training videos on how to use every Operator are also coming to the game, which will demonstrate how to best use their gadgets and weapons, and perform as an Attacker or Defender.

Blinded by the quality of life updates

Image via Ubisoft

Finally, Ubisoft has also confirmed a series of quality of life updates that are going to alter the Rainbow Six Siege landscape. Match Replay, which is already available on PC, is now going to be on consoles too. This means that you can save up to two hours of gameplay to use how you wish regardless of the platform.

You won’t need that footage to help catch aggressive friendly fire with the new reputation system. Ubisoft has fine-tuned a system that detects when a player is shooting teammates deliberately or too often. There are three warnings that will be issued to a player before anything happens to their account, giving them a chance to understand that they’re being watched and will be punished if they continue down that path.

Perhaps the best quality of life change this season though, is to the loadout system. Operators will now be getting a third sidearm option, adding new options to many Operators and bringing back some that might have been removed from others in the past. This creates dozens of new loadout options for the growing roster of playable characters, meaning that it’s going to be even harder to predict what you’re up against, but also harder for your enemies to anticipate your go-to weapon and tactics.

Overall, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare looks like a fantastic leap forward for the game. The new Operator is a step in the right direction for Ubisoft when it comes to representation but Sens is defined by their prowess and cleverness on the battlefield over anything else. Someone who can come in with their powerful gadget and completely mess up the Defending team’s strategy, opening so many new avenues for the Attackers.