How to use photo mode in F1 2020

Picture perfect.

F1 2020 Suzuka

Screengrab via Codemasters

It’s challenging to find a sport more picturesque than motor racing. Cars that have been designed from the ground to look and drive beautifully, and a backdrop that compliments the scene fantastically. Even in a video game such as F1 2020, where all of the tracks are based on real-life locations, you can find a fantastic shot of the car and the track that makes for excellent viewing.

Thankfully, F1 2020 makes it easy to capture the occasion with the Photo Mode. In Photo Mode, you can stop a race at any point that you feel offers a great opportunity to capture a picture, take control of the camera to move into position, and then take a picture using many different options.

To activate Photo Mode, at any point while on the track, pause the game and go to an instant replay. Here, it will bring you to about 10 seconds before the point that you paused the game. Fast forward the footage to the point that you want to take a photo, and then press the Start/Options button. This will activate the Photo Mode option and allow you to move the camera to a position to take a photo. You must keep within the track’s confines, but you still have plenty of space to take a great shot.

There are a few different options too. If you’re playing at 1080p, the game still offers the option of taking shots at higher resolution by combining many smaller shots, with 4K resolution photos possible even on a standard PS4 or Xbox One. There are also stereoscopic options, as well as a 3D option, so that those viewing 3D photos can also view them in their full glory. Simply change the type of photo you are looking for to upgrade the photo, though be aware that increasing these will increase the photo file size too.

F1 2020 Photo Mode