How to use Taunts in Midnight Ghost Hunt to survive longer

It’s counter-intuitive, but it works.

Midnight Ghost Hunt tracking gadgets

Image via Vaulted Sky Games

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In Midnight Ghost Hunt there are a lot of different ways to engage in psychological warfare with the enemy team. One of the tools players can use to disorient or tick off opponents is Taunting. Like in other multiplayer games, using Taunt in Midnight Ghost Hunt plays a sound clip that other players can hear. However, it also has an important gameplay function that can help you evade Hunters and survive longer as a Ghost.

To start, head over to the Customization screen and look at your Taunts. As the tooltip states, Taunts are played whenever a Ghost tries to Emote while inside a prop. Taunts can be purchased with in-game currency and some have louder or longer audio, but the default Taunt is fine as it is. When you use a Taunt in a Midnight Ghost Hunt match, the prop you are currently possessing shakes visibly and emits your selected sound effect. You are likely wondering why you would want to do that when it has a high chance of exposing you to the Hunters. The answer is Ectoplasm.

Ectoplasm is a stat in Midnight Ghost Hunt that passively builds up the longer you stay in the same place, whether you are inside a prop or not. The more Ectoplasm you have built up, the easier it is for Hunters to find you, as Tracking gadgets detect Ectoplasm buildup from further away. Using a Taunt lowers your Ectoplasm by a percentage; the more Ectoplasm you have, the more you shed with each Taunt. At the high end you can lose around 20% of your total Ectoplasm bar with a single Taunt, but using the ability when your Ectoplasm buildup is lower than 50% is almost pointless.

Using Taunts in Midnight Ghost Hunt is a risk-reward mechanic that can help you hide, but it can also doom you if used carelessly. The trade-off of Taunting is huge: you visually and aurally reveal your position. However, you can safely Taunt in Midnight Ghost Hunt when there is a lot of shooting and noise and no Hunters are looking in your direction.