How to use the Harpy SMG in Hyper Scape

Spray and pray with the Harpy.

hyper scape harpy

The first new weapon added to the Hyper Scape arsenal in the game’s open beta is the Harpy, a fast-firing fully automatic gun designed exclusively for close range use. The Harpy SMG deals heavy damage quickly, but it hampered by its low magazine size at base and relative inaccuracy at range.

The best thing about this new weapon is its spray control. As you would expect, the Harpy is much more accurate when aiming down sights. However, its maximum spread is still tolerable when hipfired, and this SMG does not gain additional spread when running or jumping, which means that you can fire it on the move and still get results.

Like all full auto guns in Hyper Scape, the Harpy gains additional ammo capacity with every upgrade tier, and at max level it also gains increased damage. At that point, the Harpy has enough ammo in the mag to down up to three enemy players with body shots before needing to reload.

Is the Harpy any good? It’s tough to say just yet, but all odds are currently against this little SMG. Despite the heavy nerfs to the Skybreaker and Salvo, the Hyper Scape meta is still very much dominated by mid-to-long range weapons. This game gives players the ability and incentives to reach high ground quickly and create massive distance between themselves and opponents, and that really doesn’t help dedicated close range weapons like the Harpy.

If you do want to use the Harpy, try pairing it with Hyper Scape abilities that would help you get in close to enemies safely, like Invisibility and Teleport. The Harpy is optimal when used indoors, although if you end up facing off against a Salvo you might regret your choices.