How to use the Level 30 boost in The Division 2

Use your Level 30 boost to raise your character’s level for the new The Division 2 expansion

The Division 2 is receiving a new expansion called Warlords of New YorkIt takes you back to the franchise’s setting in Lower Manhatten, where players are on the hunt for Agent Keener, a rogue Division who has recruited other rogue agents to his cause. To help players get back into the game, you can purchase the base game and the expansion for a reasonable price and receive a level boost to 30, so you’re ready for your return to New York.

If you have a brand new character you are playing in The Division 2, you can’t use the level 30 boost immediately. You first need to make your way through the tutorial sequence of the game. When you reach the White House, and the game opens up to become the open-world of Washington D.C., then you should have access to it.

After you complete the White House sequence, open up your main menu and go to the store section of The Division 2. You are going to find it under the addons sections of the menu, and you should see it next to The Division 2 Year 1 pass. You can receive the level 30 boost from purchasing the expansion pack, or you can grab another by purchasing it for 2,000 premium credits, which is roughly $20.

Those who receive the level 30 boost can only turn in one per account. Make sure you choose the correct character you want to give this, or you make a character to receive it. When Warlords of New York goes live, all boosted players can directly play it. After they finish it, they can return to the main The Division 2 campaign to go through it.