How to repair the dome in Dome Keeper

Don’t let the monsters in.

Image via Bippinbits

In a game with a name like Dome Keeper, it’s no surprise that said dome is a big part of your gameplay. Of course, you want to find the mysterious alien relic, but keeping your dome along the way is the only way to survive. If your dome’s health is dropping, don’t worry: here’s how you keep yourself and your dome alive.

Can your dome be repaired?

Yes, the dome can be repaired. However, this isn’t an in-game action like digging. The cost for repairing your dome isn’t your time. You don’t float up to the sides of the dome and hammer away. Instead, you have to pay with resources. In particular, cobalt. It’s the purple-ish, triangular resource you can find while mining. So, just like your search for the relic, the only way to repair your dome is to dig.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Where do you go to repair your dome?

If you’re in need of repairing your dome, collect some cobalt and head over to the giant computer in your dome. Once in front of it, press A, and you’ll magically enter the device. Then, you can hit RB to go to your upgrades. From there, a screen should pop up that shows you your available upgrades. The first rectangle of options that you see should all be related to your dome’s health. In the middle branch, you’ll see an option to repair the dome. For the price of one cobalt, you can repair 80 health points and 15% of total hp. With a handful of cobalt, you can be back to fighting shape in seconds.

On the off chance you play with your keyboard, the controls are instead E for entering/interacting with the computer and right mouse click to access upgrades.