How to use the Trident vehicle in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Learn to drive Apex Legends’ first player-controlled vehicle.

Road Warrior Bloodhound in a Trident

One of the best things that Apex Legends Season 7 has to offer is its first-ever player-controlled vehicle, the Trident. The vehicle doesn’t respawn, but it does spawn in several places around the Olympus map. That said, once you have found a Trident, how do you use it? Here is a breakdown of how to drive the Trident in Apex Legends.

Driving & Riding

To get into the Trident, you will use the Interact/Pickup action. If you press it on the side of the vehicle, you will ride on that side of the Trident. If you press it over the cockpit, you will be the driver of the vehicle. Press Interact/Pickup again to get out of the vehicle.

It should be noted that when you are riding, your camera will be limited to 180 degrees on whichever side you are riding, so beware of the limited vision.


The handling on the Trident will take some getting used to, but overall, it drives similar to how a vehicle in a cart racer would, more than a vehicle in a game like Need for Speed or Forza Motorsport.


While you are piloting the Trident, you can use the Attack action. This will give the Trident a burst of temporary speed. After use, it takes time to charge up before you can boost again. It is best to save this boost for ramps and straight-aways, as taking a corner at that level of speed will be difficult.


To brake, you will use the Aim Down Sights action. This will slow the vehicle to a halt, good for tight corners, or prevent hitting a Wattson fence or driving off the map.


If you do fall off the edge of the map while in a Trident, you don’t die like you would on your own. Instead, the Trident ejects you up into the air, and you can fly down as if you used a jump tower to get to safety.

Overall, once you learn the controls, driving a Trident isn’t too difficult, but it also feels like one of those minutes to learn, a lifetime to master type deals. Are you ready to get behind the wheel?