How to use the weapon techniques in Godfall

It’s all about taking down your enemies.

Image via Counterplay Games

Each of the weapons you equip in Godfall changes your playstyle. A polearm plays differently than the dual blades. Every aspect of the weapons vary based on a weapon’s characteristics, so don’t expect a great sword to act the same as a long sword. These weapons also have different combos for attacks and unique weapon techniques. A weapon technique is a special attack that you can use with that weapon, and each one has two, a Northern and a Southern technique.

There are bars above your weapon that build up as you battle in combat. You can increase this bar by attacking enemies, block, taking damage, and parrying. Once you have enough, click the left trigger, and then click the right trigger to activate the Norther technique or the right bumper to unleash the Southern Technique.

The technique changes for each weapon. The polearm Northern Technique is a javelin throw that you can toss at an enemy from a long distance, and the Southern Technique is a polearm slam where your character jumps into the air and stabs the ground, damaging enemies around them. These are exclusive to the polearm, and if you don’t have any weapon technique energy, you won’t be able to use them. 

A Northern Technique converts part of the enemies Soulshatter Buildup into health, giving you a quick boost. The Southern Technique deals Soulshatter damage. You want to use the correct technique for your given situation.

Using a weapon’s technique helps to heavily damage powerful foes or take out a small group of minions that have swarmed you. Before using a new weapon in the wild, you can practice the two techniques by visiting the Sanctum training area.