How to use wells in Resident Evil Village – Well Wheel location

These items are drenched.

Screenshot via Capcom YouTube

There are several wells in Resident Evil Village when you’re exploring the main area. It’s difficult to avoid them, and whenever you interact with them, it says you need to use a specific item to do anything with it. We’re going to tell you right now, you don’t want to try searching for this item too early. You only want to start looking for it when you receive the quest to look for the house with the red chimney, and after having defeated Lady Dimitrescu.

The item you’re looking for is a Well Wheel. It attaches to the crank of the well, and drags up whatever items are in the bucket. The exact location of this item is on the pathway to the house with a red chimney. It’s inside of the house right before you cross over to the house, and go on the roof. The item is inside a small shed.

When you have the Well Wheel item, all you have to do is find the wells in the village and attach the item to them. The wells will crank up whatever is on their bucket and reward you with the item. The wells only contain one item, so once you’ve pulled them up, they’re marked off on your map.