How to use your phone to mark targets and discover their weaknesses in Far Cry 6

Use your phone to mark targets and get a glimpse at their weaknesses.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Far Cry series has always given you stealth options like attacking enemies from behind and avoiding their line of sight. Far Cry 6 has upgraded things a little bit by giving you access to a phone instead of a pair of binoculars or a gun sight. Here’s how you can mark your targets using the power of technology.

Using your phone

Your phone can be accessed at any time while you are roaming the island. Simply press up on your D-Pad if you are on a console to pull up your phone. You can then use the triggers to zoom in and out. Clicking in the right stick will allow you to place waypoints and pressing either square or X (depending on if you are using PlayStation or Xbox) will toggle the UI.

Targets & their weaknesses

Now that you understand how to use the phone, here’s how you can take full advantage of it. Hover over an enemy while using your phone to mark them and display their information as in the image below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you can see, the vanguard enemy is weak against armor-piercing rounds. Use this information to your advantage so you can use the “right tool for the right job,” as Juan Cortez would put it. The information will also display what type of ammo the target is using and give a brief description of the type of enemy they are.

The good thing about this information is that the symbols won’t disappear. Use this to your advantage while sneaking through a compound to avoid getting caught. These symbols will appear through walls so you can plan a method of attack before running into a room and getting ambushed.