How to watch Destiny 2’s Season of Arrival and Fall expansion reveal

All will be revealed.

Destiny 2

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We have gotten dangerously close to the end of Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2, and we all know practically nothing about the next season, which begins tomorrow. Everything is a mystery right now, but all will be revealed before the new season goes live. On June 9 at 9 am PDT, Bungie will reveal plenty of information about the new season, and the upcoming expansion due to arrive in the Fall. 

We can assume the season, which is being called Season of Arrival after some images appeared in the game for some players after the Almighty event, which played out over the weekend. You can tune in to the official Bungie Youtube channel, or Twitch, or simply watch on the embedded stream below.

This entire season has been an odd one for Bungie, with many players feeling like it was a bit of a letdown, and earning the unfortunate nickname “Season of the Bounty,” as so many events seemed to revolve around grounding different bounties for various reasons.

Players are hoping for much more from the next season, and with the approaching Triangle ships that represent the Destiny universe’s ultimate threat, the Darkness, many people are hoping that the season will act as a sort of prologue to all hell breaking loose during the game’s next expansion.

We have seen teaser clips of Eris Morn and the Drifter seeming to head for Europa, so we may get some more information on what exactly the Drifter has been doing with all those motes, and crazy old Eris is always good for some lore. Either way, tomorrow should give us a nice clear picture of what will be happening in Destiny 2 for the next few months, and we will be able to dive straight into the fun shortly aftward.