How to Whisper in Minecraft

Got a secret?

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Talking to friends in a game via text chat is great. If someone does not have a headset and mic, it can be your only way of communicating and will get the job done when sending messages back and forth. However, you don’t always want everyone in the chat to see everything you type. If you want to keep some information from others, here is how to Whisper a message in Minecraft.

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How to send a private message in Minecraft text chat

To Whisper to someone in Minecraft, you will need to open up the text chat by pressing the ‘T’ key on PC or left d-pad on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox. In the text chat, type /tell followed by the username of all people you want to see the message. You can put as many usernames as possible. When you are done writing the message, hit enter to send it.

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Additionally, you can also type @p instead of usernames to whisper a message that will be read by people in a short radius of you. @r will send it to random people if you ever find a use for that.

If /tell doesn’t work for you, the server you are on might have different permissions. Other commands you can try are /whisper and /msg. These private messages are a good way to make sure only certain players are getting the message you want. For example, if you are playing a team game, you may want to keep the opposition from knowing important information like where the flag is hidden in Capture the Flag. Use this and other console commands to have the best Minecraft experience with your friends.