How to win at every minigame in Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Move fast!

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While the main course of Kirby’s Dream Buffet is definitely racing through obstacle courses and pummeling each other in a battle royale round at the end, there are some fun minigames you can access as you increase your Gourmet Rank. These modes have their own objectives and fit in nicely as distractions in-between races and the battle royale. Here is how to win each minigame in Kirby’s Dream Buffet.

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All minigames in Kirby’s Dream Buffet and how to win them

Crumble Crates and Eat Strawberries!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Like all of the minigames, Crumble Crates is super simple. You will be placed in a small arena as crates are dropped into the area. You need to collect as many strawberries as possible as they pop out of the crates when broken. Don’t always rush to get to the crate first because you will bounce back each time you hit it. If you time it right, you can leap in and grab the strawberries that an opponent has let free from a crate.

Defeat Enemies and Eat Strawberries!

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. Smaller enemies will spawn into the arena with strawberries on their heads. Roll your way into them to defeat them and take the strawberries they were holding. You cannot steal strawberries from other opponents here. Be sure to rush for the enemies with signs that say they have multiple strawberries first.

Eat the Falling Strawberries!

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Strawberries will continuously fall into the arena here, so you need to be quick and grab them before your opponents. Be sure to watch out for obstacles like spikey enemies and falling bombs. Also, try to avoid bumping into opponents, or you will throw yourself around the place and put yourself off track.

Hop into Cups and Eat Strawberries!

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This is kind of a game of musical cups. Teacups will randomly spawn around the arena, and strawberries will fall into them. Rush and jump into each cup to get the falling strawberries. When you are in a cup, jump so you can get the strawberries quicker and move to the next one. If you are not near a teacup when it appears, move to an empty portion of the arena to get to the next appearing cup quickly.