How to win at Hide and Seek in Crab Game

The secret is to not focus so much on hiding.

Screenshot of Crab game

Image via Dani

Another childhood classic with a deadly twist, the rules of Hide and Seek are pretty simple in the free-to-play multiplayer title Crab Game. One group tries to hide from a group of seekers, looking to kill hiders to become one themselves. Any seekers who don’t score a kill are eliminated, as are any hiders killed during the game. This guide will walk you through a few tactics you can use to avoid elimination in this game mode.

If you spawn with a knife, you are a seeker, and you should look to kill someone to get rid of your knife as soon as possible. The knife takes about three hits to kill, so don’t expect any clean, quick kills in this game mode. There’s a good chance you’ll have to chase after your prey, but always remember that there are more hiders than seekers, so if you’re having a lot of trouble pursuing a target, you can always give up the chase and switch to a new one.

Additionally, be sure to check each map’s various hiding areas. These tend to be alcoves or other tight spaces that might seem like good hiding spots, but they’re more effective killing spots, as they offer virtually no means of escape from seekers. As such, you should keep an eye out for any tight, hidden spaces while you’re on the hunt. After securing a kill, you’ll turn into a hider.

Once you’re a hider — or if you spawned as one — you’ll want to stay as far away from these hiding spots as possible. As stated before, they severely limit your escape options. Ironically, hiding isn’t all that useful of a tactic in this mode. However, running, staying up high, and grouping up all are.

When running away, be sure to jump while sprinting diagonally to boost your movement speed repeatedly, but don’t stay on the ground for too long. Try to find the nearest ladder and climb up high. If there are multiple people where you’re trying to go, that’s even better. Regularly, you’ll want to isolate yourself in many of Crab Game’s minigames, but not here. Groups give seekers options regarding who to chase, thus increasing each individual hider’s odds of survival.