Every minigame in Crab Game

Who knew crabs had so many games?

Screenshot of Crab Game

Image via Dani

The free-to-play multiplayer title Crab Game obviously takes a great dose of inspiration from the Netflix original series Squid Game, and that’s evident through the minigames it has. Highlights from the series including Red Light, Green Light and the glass bridge from the series’ seventh episode are replicated in Crab Game, but the game also has quite a few unique challenges of its own, and if the first content update is anything to go by, it’s likely to get more as time goes on. Here’s a breakdown of every currently available minigame in Crab Game:

  • Red Light, Green Light: Squid Game fans will remember this as the first game featured in the show. The rules are simple — move when the game tells you to go, stop when the game tells you to stop, and cross the finish line before time runs out. Of course, failure to follow the rules means death.
  • Stepping Stones: The equivalent of the glass bridge from Squid Game, Stepping Stones tasks you with reaching a goal by hopping across two columns of platforms; the catch is, some platforms are solid, and some are fragile, the latter of which will lead to your death.
  • Tile Drive: In this team-based mode, contestants are divided into three teams; each is assigned a color, and teams do their best to paint the map their color. The team with the least amount of color coverage on the map is eliminated at the round’s end.
  • Lights Out: Disguised as a break between rounds, Lights Out arms players with deadly weapons and encourages them to go eliminate their competition before the next round.
  • Hat King: This is essentially a game of keep away. Your goal here is to steal a player’s crown, then avoid losing it as you accumulate points.
  • The Floor is Lava: A childhood classic, the floor is literally lava in this game mode, depending on the biome you’re playing in. Jump from platform to platform while avoiding the lava, but watch out, as some platforms might sink into the lava.
  • Tag: This is a simple one. It’s tag with a timer, and whoever is “it” by the end of the round is eliminated.
  • Bomb Tag: Virtually the same thing as regular tag, but with an explosive twist. Now, whoever is “it” has a bomb.
  • King of the Hill: All players are armed with bats, and they all fight for dominance to see who can stay at the top of a hill the longest. This one gets rather hectic.
  • Hide and Seek: Pretty much the same game you might’ve played as a kid, except now the seekers are armed with knives.
  • Race: Race features obstacle courses for players to navigate through that are reminiscent of those you might see in Wipeout or Fall Guys.
  • Bustling Buttons: Another mode added in the first content update, this is a chance-based game where you choose a button to press and hope that it doesn’t explode on you.