How to win at Stepping Stones in Crab Game

Don’t rush ahead of the group.

Screenshot of Crab Game

Image via Dani

Crab Game adapts one of the more harrowing Squid Game challenges — the glass bridge — into the Stepping Stones minigame, which follows an almost identical premise. This particular challenge can easily kill a majority of players in any given game, and this guide will break down how you can best avoid falling to your death.

Like many other minigames in Crab Game, Stepping Stones has a seemingly simple premise. You and your competitors are tasked with reaching an island by hopping across platforms. The catch is that some platforms are incredibly fragile, and will shatter immediately if you land on them, sending you plummeting to your death.

Screenshot via Gamepur

The golden rule of Stepping Stones is to never be the first one on the stepping stones. Hang back when the game starts and let someone else have a go at it. Don’t worry about running out of time if no one goes; in our experiences, someone always opted to go first. Be sure to take careful note of which platforms are solid as another player lands on them.

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Once someone figures out a route, chances are everyone will jump at the opportunity to get across. This is the worst possible time for you to start the stepping stones. Let the crowd thin out a little before you start making your way across. In our experience, trying to platform in a crowd resulted in our jumps being knocked off-course, subsequently leading to several deaths. The fewer people there are around you, the better off you are.

As you approach your goal, watch out for griefers standing on the edge of the island, as they may try to either prevent you from finishing or shove you off the island before time expires. The safest thing to do upon clearing the stepping stones is to stay in the center of the island to avoid edges or cliffs.