What does Canned mean in Chained Echoes?

Gotta can ’em all.

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Chained Echoes is a retro-inspired RPG featuring a classic turn-based battle system, pixel art graphics, and an immersive storyline. As usual, players embark on a journey to save the world from an ancient evil by controlling a team of heroes and battling through various dungeons and challenging bosses. Fans of the genre may recognize one such hero, Tomke, as the ”blue mage” of Chained Echoes, like Final Fantasy IX’s Quina Quen or Final Fantasy X’s Kimahri. Blue mages typically learn abilities from the enemies they encounter, and Tomke is no exception. Tomke can learn skills from specific, “cannable” enemies. Read on to learn how to unlock new abilities for Tomke by defeating canned enemies in Chained Echoes.

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How to use Uncanny Encounter in Chained Echoes

Tomke starts off with only one unique ability: Uncanny Encounter. Unlike other characters, as he levels up he will not learn any new abilities. He can learn new abilities only through use of the Uncanny Encounter skill which works on select enemies in Chained Echoes. We’ve provided a full list of these enemies and the skills they teach below.

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With Tomke in your party, when you encounter an enemy that can be canned, you will want to weaken that enemy by getting its health as low as you can without defeating it (similar to lowering a Pokemon’s health before capturing it in a Poke Ball). Only in this case, instead of a Poke Ball, you’ll be using a can.

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The Uncanny Encounter skill has three levels, with the lowest requiring you to weaken an enemy to below 25% health and the highest level requiring just 40% or lower health. There is also an accessory, the Can Machine, that can be obtained which allows Tomke to use his ability on cannable enemies at 50% or lower health to learn their ability. Once you have weakened the enemy below Uncanny Encounter’s current requirement, you can use the ability to “can” the enemy and learn a new skill. If the ability fails on a cannable target, you may need to further lower the enemy’s health and try again.

Where to find all canned enemies in Chained Echoes

There are a total of 15 cannable enemies in Chained Echoes, each with an exclusive ability for Tomke to learn through use of Uncanny Encounter. We’ve put together a full list of these enemies, where you can find them, and the abilities Tomke will learn when using Uncanny Encounter skill in Chained Echoes.

Ability NameDescriptionCannable EnemyWhere Its Located
Broken AccordionA physical attack dealing 4x damage influenced by user’s HP (one). Less HP means a stronger attack.Seahorse KnightLeviathan’s Trench
Cigarette’s LightA magical fire attack dealing 1x damage (all).Terror TerrierPhyon Oasis
Clap on the BackGrants HP & TP regen for 4 turn(s) (one).BlemmyaeMagic Academy Nhysa
ConvertSwitches target’s HP and TP in percent (one).Adamant CrabArkant Archipelago
Freak WaveA magical water attack dealing 1.2x damage (all).SalivaRohlan Fields
Hard SwingA physical attack dealing 1.8x damage (one).BoxflyRohlan Fields
Know Your LimitsSkills cost no TP for 3 turns. Afterwards, the user loses all TP (self).VinFiorwoods
Run AgroundA magical earth attack dealing 1.2x damage (all).AlphoarnKortara Mountain Range
Rushing AnchorA physical attack dealing 1.1x damage (all).CroapierNarslene Sewers
SacrificeSacrifices user’s life to revive all other party member to 1% HP (self).SewerdiverNarslene Sewers
Sailor’s SongRaises Ultra Move Bar by 30% (self). Once per battle.Ice DevilMount Rydell
Sharing is CaringSets target’s TP to a random amount (one).Ancient TurtleFlying Continent Shambala
Spinach PowerGrants Shield and Aura for 5 turn(s) (all).Titan ElementalKortara Mountain Range
Spinning Swirl1-5 physical attacks dealing 0.8x damage (one). Staggers user after use.GolemEmpyrean Ruins
Treasure MarkResets Overdrive Bar. Once per battle.PhantomMagic Academy Nhysa