How to win the Rampart Arenas Takeover in Apex Legends

Buy with confidence.

Rampart Extravaganza Arenas Takeover

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Takeovers in Apex Legends have been long-time fan-favorites in terms of events and map updates. They are either actualized as a new permanent interactive Point of Interest (POI) based around a certain Legend, or more recently, a fun Limited-Time game mode. Takeovers shake up that game and make it feel new again for committed players, and add an allure to the game that pulls in new players too. That said, most of the history of Takeovers have been for battle royale.

Rampart Arenas Takeover

Rampart's Special Deals
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Rampart’s Extravaganza is an Arenas Takeover that changes a few things about how Arenas works. The main difference being sales on weapons. There are two main distributions of modded discount weapons: Ones that lasts for the whole game (Rounds 1-9), and ones that rotate throughout the match (Rounds 1-3, Rounds 4-6, Rounds 7-9). Keep in mind, if a gun has a Rampart deal, you can’t get the non-upgraded version (aside from the Mozambique and P2020 being auto-selected)

But should you always go for a Rampart special? We say no. Here is how to strategize your purchases and come out on top.

Weapon Purchase Strategy

Most of the time, in this mode, you will be running a main weapon, and something close-range like a pistol or shotgun. This is how to strategize buying you main weapon for each round.

  • Round 1: Check the sales for rounds 1-3.
    • If any appeal to you, make round 1 an economy round. If the weapon you want is Gold, don’t spend over 250 Crafting Materials. If the weapon you want is Heirloom, don’t spend over 50.
    • If none of the sale weapons appeal to you, buy in Round 1 as normal.
  • Rounds 2-3: Buy your preferred weapon.
    • If it is a Gold sale item, buy it both rounds
    • If it is an Heirloom sale item, buy it round 2, and only in round 3 if you can afford it
    • If none of the sale weapons appeal to you, kit out a non-sale item you like to tier 3. It’s not worth trading out using a weapon you are good with, for one you aren’t just for a sale and buff.
  • Rounds 4-6 and 7-8: Repeat the processes for Rounds 2-3.
  • Round 9: Buy the Spitfire or Alternator if they are available.
    • If not, repeat the processes for Rounds 2-3.

If Heirloom weapons are available, keep in mind that the other team will probably have them. You may want to prioritize getting the Crafting Materials for them. They will be most important in the late game/endgame.

Keep in mind the fully-kitted weapons all come with auto-reload magazines. Take advantage of this. Heal when you need to reload, if it is safe and sensible to.