How to win with Neon in Valorant – tips and strategies

Entertain me!

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With the release of Episode 4: Disruption in Valorant comes Neon, a dualist hailing from the Philippines that can rival S-Tier dualists such as Jett. While it’s too early to say, Neon shows potential to be a high-tier agent due to her speed and space clearing abilities. If you find yourself locking in Neon in your next Valorant game, there are a few things you should learn and take note of to ensure yourself the win.

Remember to make space

Neon is a dualist, so it is important to remember your main goal as a dualist player is to enter, make space, and seek out kills for your team. Neons kit is tailored to this perfectly, and the use of her Fast Lane ability makes it easy. For example, try using Fast Lane in B Main on Split to give your team a safe and easy passage into the site.

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Entering sites or repositioning is where Neon excels, so don’t be afraid to slide out of your Fast Lane walls using her High Gear ability to catch an unsuspecting enemy off guard. Unlike some other dualists, Neon works great with team play, so make sure to communicate with your team when you want to push something.

Get aggressive

Confidence truly is key with agents like Neon. If you’re unwilling to make risky plays, the agent will feel quite lackluster. Don’t be afraid to slide out on your enemies and take the gunfight. Make sure to use your utility, such as her Relay Bolt concuss, to throw enemies off and turn the rounds in your favor. Neon relies on player aggressiveness, so if you want more of a slow-contained playstyle, Neon might not be for you.

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Last but not least is getting used out of Neon’s Overdrive ultimate. This ultimate is fantastic at making tons of space quickly by killing opposing agents and giving your team the chance to enter or retake. Just be sure to keep your movement erratic, as one well-placed headshot will slow you down. Winning and doing well with Neon requires confidence and boldness, but when played right, you will be a walking highlight reel.