How training works in Tower of Fantasy

Get your daily training in.

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There are many world activities for you to try out and enjoy in Tower of Fantasy. From exploring the world to interacting with musical rocks, there are many sights to be seen in the world of Aida. One of the many activities you might come across while exploring comes in the form of Training Facilities. These devices appear on your minimap as robotic canisters and look similar to that in the actual world. Here is everything you need to know about training in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to train in Tower of Fantasy

To start a training course, you first need to find one of the Training Facilities scattered about the world. In the starting area, you can find six of them. These facilities appear on the map as metal canisters, similar to how they look in the world. Each one of them offers a different type of training that you can see on the map.

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The starting area offers the following types of Training Facilities for you to practice at:

  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Technique
  • Battle
  • Agility

Starting off, you will only have access to two different training courses at each facility. Not all of the facilities have training for the type that it is. For instance, the Speed Training Facility has one speed training course and one coordination training course. If you choose the coordination training course, the game will automatically highlight the nearest Coordination Training Facility for you to start the training.

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As you work your way up the training courses, they will increase in difficulty. When you complete a training course, you will get Training Points. These are a type of currency that you can use in the Points Shop for various items like Weapon Batteries which are used to upgrade your gear.