How upgrades and the upgrade bench work in the Dead Space Remake

Improve your gear to fight off Necromorphs.

Various pieces of Isaac’s gear and RIG suit can receive several upgrades in the Dead Space remake. These are exceptionally helpful in taking down the deadly Necromorphs while exploring the Ishimura, and they can make advancing the overall game significantly easier. How these upgrades work and how you go about them can be confusing. Here’s what you need to know about how upgrades and the upgrade bench work in the Dead Space remake.

How the upgrade tree works in the Dead Space remake

The only way to apply upgrades to your gear and RIG suit is when you find yourself at an upgrade bench. When you’re at this bench, you need to spend the nodes you’ve uncovered by exploring the ship. These nodes are how you progress through the upgrade path, and finding them can take some time. Typically they appear inside crates and chests aboard the Ishimura, and finding them can be taxing. However, every so often, the store will have a node for sale if you have enough credits to purchase them.

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When you get to the upgrade table, select any weapons you’ve discovered while playing the Dead Space remake, or you can improve on Isaac’s RIG suit. The RIG suit provides several practical benefits, such as additional health, improved Statis or Kinetic powers, and more time to utilize oxygen. The individual weapon upgrades in the upgrade tree only benefit that weapon, so you want to make sure you’re picking the ones you use the most often against Necromorphs.

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It’s important to note you need to follow a strict upgrade path while at the upgrade bench. There is an indicated starting location for every upgrade tree, and you must follow that line to purchase any viable upgrades. You cannot skip ahead or purchase outside of this linear pathway. You must return to this upgrade bench anytime you want to improve your gear.