The best weapons in Dead Space Remake

Never leave your spaceship without these.

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The Dead Space remake is full of refinements to the original game’s core gameplay mechanics, narrative, and weapons. Despite what the internet may tell you, Dead Space features an eclectic collection of high-powered weaponry beyond the Plasma Cutter. Dead Space remake brings back Isaac’s arsenal, with some added alternate fire functionality. This guide will explain the best weapons in the Dead Space remake.

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The best weapons in Dead Space Remake and how to get them

Players will find a good range of weapon types hidden aboard the USG Ishimura; some are better than others. Each weapon can be upgraded several times, but it’s impossible to upgrade everything in a single playthrough. These are the five best weapons in the Dead Space remake.

5: The Ripper

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The Ripper was a neat gimmick in the original game, but the addition of alternate fire has given this weapon new life. You can opt to fire the blade and keep it in front of Isaac, which makes clearing out fast-moving enemies a breeze. If an enemy is at a distance, the new alt-fire lets you shoot the saw blade and ricochet it off walls, which can do a decent amount of damage with minimal ammo. This weapon can be found in chapter three inside the Machine Shop.

4: The Flamethrower

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You can’t have a sci-fi horror experience with creepy aliens and not have a good flamethrower involved. The Flamethrower was a neat but ineffective weapon in 2008 original, but it has been enhanced in several ways for this remake. The reworked upgrade system lends itself to more meaningful and potent perk combinations, and the alternate fire lays down a wall of fire that stops every enemy in their tracks. This weapon is given to you during chapter three.

3: Pulse Rifle

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The Pulse rifle is the only traditional ballistic weapon in Dead Space. It packs quite the punch, but what truly makes it shine is its readily available ammunition and the new proximity mine alternate fire mode it has. The alternate fire mine is handy when facing off against many hostiles in tight quarters. It can also be used to set up chokepoints or traps for enemies trying to sneak behind you during a heated fight. This weapon is given to you early in the main story and can’t be missed.

2: Contact Beam

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If you ever wanted to get a dose of Iron Man in your Dead Space, the Contact Beam is the weapon you need. It fires bursts of charged plasma, which takes some getting used to. It isn’t good for quick fights against enemies that catch you by surprise, but it shines in boss fights against slow-moving and big targets. It’s tremendously powerful even without upgrades, but keep in mind its limited ammo capacity. It can be found in chapter four while rerouting power to the ADS cannons.

1: Plasma Cutter

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The Plasma Cutter may not be the fanciest weapon in the game or even the most fun, but it’s easily the best and most effective weapon in Dead Space. In addition to being the default starting weapon, its triple plasma beams can be fired in a vertical or horizontal trajectory, making it perfect for taking limbs off necromorphs. It can also be upgraded significantly, with upgrades such as flame shots and enhanced magazine capacity. Dead Space even has an achievement for beating the entire game with this weapon.