What is the actual ending of the Dead Space remake?

What’s real and what’s a hallucination?

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The Dead Space remake is a proper retelling of the original 2008 story, giving Isaac Clarke a second chance at life as he attempts to survive the horrible events aboard the USG Ishimura. The remake was created by Motive Studio, who were not the original developers behind the first game, but they worked hard to weave the original DNA of the eerie game, adding a handful of their twists to it. One of these twists is an alternative ending you can unlock in a New Game Plus version. Because of the alternative way this tale happens, what is the actual ending of the Dead Space remake?

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What is the canonical ending to the Dead Space remake?

From what we can tell, the Dead Space remake is not attempting to uproot the original game and recreate a different ending. The alternative ending presented by Motive Studio appears to be a fun way to properly connect the events from the first Dead Space and the second one. Originally, the jump from Dead Space to Dead Space 2 had plenty of fans scratching their heads because Isaac does not remember being picked up by the recovery ship that finds him and lands him at a mental hospital, where he stays for the next three years before the events of Dead Space 2 take place.

The alternative ending in the Dead Space remake does a better job of hinting at Isaac’s later problems in Dead Space 2 and his connection with the Marker. Essentially, the alternative ending has him creating various symbols and dark etchings all over this escape ship, with Nicole smiling at him rather than appearing to him in her partially dead state, as she did in the original ending. It shows Isaac is unaware of his devotion to the Marker, thus making what transpires in Dead Space 2 far more believable. It also serves as a foreshadowing of how deeply damaged Isaac has become following these horrendous events.

While the alternative ending might add more flavor to the overall Dead Space experience, for many fans, from what we can tell, the original ending is still the real ending for the game.

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However, the alternative hints that Motive Studio could work on a Dead Space 2 remake. This has not been confirmed, and it would likely come down to public reception of the Dead Space remake and overall sales. Given our review of the Dead Space remake, we’d be excited to see the sequel redone in the same manner by Motive Studio.