How will the new double-banner work in Genshin Impact Version 2.3?

A new kind of banner is coming to Genshin Impact.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A new double-banner is coming to Genshin Impact in Version 2.3, featuring some returning characters, Albedo and Eula. The pair are shown to be featured prominently in the new upcoming event for Version 2.3, and as such will each get a rerun banner at the same time.

This is the first time miHoYo is holding two different banners at the same time during a rerun. MiHoYo indicated this may be the norm in the future if multiple characters are prominent in a game’s story. The banner will therefore function somewhat differently from normally featured banners.

Typically, a featured banner has a guaranteed pity system, which guarantees you’ll get a character in a certain amount of pulls. For a character banner, you need to pull a maximum of 90 times before getting a 5-star character. (There is also a soft pity that kicks in at about 75 pulls which greatly increases your chances of getting a 5-star. This tends to increase over time, making it nearly impossible to reach 90 pulls in theory.)

For the Albedo + Eula banner, miHoYo announced that the banners will work in a similar way. However, the two banners will share the same pity system. In other words, if you pull for Albedo 50 times on his banner, you can swap to pulling for Eula and grab her in 40 pulls at max.

This feature is the Character Event Wish-2, which is presumably what it will be called in the future. This is a banner type that will return for future patches, so be sure to get a good grasp of how it works now. You don’t want to mistakenly pull for Albedo, yet get a Eula instead.

Note, like all banners, pity will carry over between banners. For instance, if you make 60 pulls on an Albedo banner, you will receive Arataki Itto in a maximum of 30 pulls. This will work the same, regardless of which character banner you pull on.

Finally, the same pity system works for 4-star characters as well. If you make 5 pulls on Albedo’s banner without receiving a 4-star, then you will only need to pull 5 times on Eula’s banner to receive a 4-star as well. (It’s possible both banners will have different 4-stars, yet the details on this are unknown.)

You can read miHoYo’s full breakdown of the new banner here. It’s a little complicated, so be sure to get it down completely so you don’t mistakenly get a character you don’t want.